Associate Director - Equity - London, United Kingdom,


As the Associate Director-Equity, this person will be responsible for bringing in Equity within the regulated fund structure for large projects. The Equity division within the Capital business plays a key role in structuring deals for high value commercial projects. Apart from establishing partnerships with family offices, high net worth individuals, institutional investors and high-performing channel partners across important international markets, such as MENA region, Other African countries, US, Europe, India and other Asian countries, this role is very key to put the group's profile in different investors community across the world. This role will play a catalyst role in fulfilling the group's equity requirements.

Experience, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Very strong relevant experience in similar role with reputable capital groups.
  • Experience of building and nurturing the relationship with HNWIs, family offices and institutional Investors across the world.
  • Experience of raising significant amount of funding (more specifically equity) across the world typically in the 100 million UKP per annum range.
  • Excellent knowledge of market trends, especially global investors exploring London markets for investments.
  • Experience of structuring large development deals.
  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to work as a team.
  • Highly organized and disciplined with an excellent great reputation raising Equity for large and high value projects
  • Experience of managing strong teams and developing successors.

Leadership Competencies


Demonstrates an ability to create clear and compelling strategies; Approaches issues strategically and critically assesses the situation; Identifies issues, hurdles, and intervenes proactively.

Emotional Intelligence:

Understands personal strengths and weaknesses and improves upon them; Adapts personal style to that of his/her colleagues, clients, etc. for productive interactions; Sound interpersonal skills; Empathetic when dealing with conflict or emotional situations; Drives meaningful conversations, listens deeply and accords top priority to people.


Comfortable in dealing with complex problems; Effectively analyses key factors and takes decision in time; Knows when to seek senior support and/or approval; Engages others in taking decisions and leverages colleagues or looks for untried sources in achieving creative and innovative solutions.


Promotes a collaborative and cooperative environment; Demonstrate an ability to orchestrate teamwork within Strawberry Star internal teams as well as external project teams; Resolves conflicts and gets teams to work together in a harmonious and productive manner.

Results Orientation:

Result-oriented; Displays patience and tenacity in frustrating situations; Finds best options to achieve desired results; Develops goals and objectives, does so at the beginning of the process, and engages project team members.


Sets and communicates clear objectives to external project teams and internal colleagues; Keeps an open mind when listening to internal and external colleagues; Does not pre-judge, takes information in, listens for new and different approaches before making decisions; ensures complete and thorough understanding of situations; Understands audience, how best to communicate with them, and adapt communication style and/or forms of communication to meet audience's needs.

Norms, Values, Behaviours

  • High degree of ethics and integrity (does what is right; does the right thing)
  • Works in a collaborative and cooperative manner (role model teamwork; regularly looks to engage other staff within and outside of his department to ensure the best results; works for the greater good)
  • Sense of Urgency (always works with an attitude of being responsive to customer and employee needs. Doing what it takes to provide responses in the most efficient manner and with the highest quality.
  • Gains trust and faith of the team & other departments
  • Values diversity and differences and includes all appropriate stakeholders in decisions


  • Basic Salary - £80,000-£100,000
  • Variable Incentive - based on performance target and equity raised
  • Entitled to 25 days paid holiday each year in addition to UK bank and public holidays.
  • Company Pension and Private Medical
  • Working hours:

Monday - Friday: 9 am until 5 pm

Please apply with a CV and cover letter

Closing date for applications: 7 June 2019