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Deputy Manager Banking Payments & Settlements - London, United Kingdom,


As the Deputy Manager for this small & fast growing Bank, you will oversee, manage, supervise and direct the Payments, Settlements and Customer Service Departments, with responsibility for the day-to-day settlement and positioning of all the Bank's treasury deals, assisting with the implementation of the cash management function of the Bank.

The Deputy Manager will also supervise the operational side of all of the Bank's products offered to clients including Current Account Services, Overdraft Facilities, Customer FX deals, Fixed Term Loans, Fixed Term Deposits, Multicurrency Pooling Arrangements, Domestic and International Payments.

Preferably with experience of Faster Payments together with a high level of familiarity with the SWIFT messaging system, The Deputy Manager has high responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Bank in an environment where thousands of transactions are processed each day. The Deputy Manager is required to take a proactive role in helping set up the standard operational procedures of the department and be aware of changes taking place in the banking industry (especially in the payments area), forwarding new ideas to the management team to maintain the Bank's efficiency.

Customer facing, the Deputy Manager will often be the first point of contact for all payment related queries and also deals with the bank reconciliations for all payment related items, ensuring that they are completed within strict timelines. This includes ensuring that rigorous follow ups occur across all outstanding items.



- Ensuring Banknotes and FX/MM transactions are correctly recorded.
- Ensure all ad hoc cash positioning adjustments are processed for other departments.
- Match Banknotes and FX/MM trades confirmations with counter-parties'.
- Settle all Banknotes and FX/MM transactions in an accurate and timely manner using SWIFT.
- Settle all Banknotes transactions in an accurate and timely manner using SWIFT.
- Provide statistical data to Management monthly.

Current Accounts/Fixed Term Deposits/Loans Administration/Overdrafts

- Development of effective operating procedures for all clients' transactions.

- Ensure Conditions Precedent are met by before drawdown.

- Process Facilities, Fixed Term Loans, Rollovers and Repayments according to internal payment processes and procedures.

- Process Fixed Term Deposits and renewals according to the approved procedures.
- Book upfront fees and breaking costs as required.
- Provide tickets to Treasury for appropriate funding requirements.


- Development of effective payment processes and procedures.
- End of day checks
- Looking after the Bank's Middleware solution

- Act as the dedicated/first point of contact for all customer payment related queries. Tracking, investigating and resolving payment issues in a timely manner, whilst keeping the customer informed on the progress of their case at all times.

- Maintain detailed records of customer queries and resolution and provide trend analysis.

- Releasing the swift payments after verification with the proper support documents and ensure that the payments are processed within the cut-off time set for different banks/currencies

- Follow faster payment settlement cycles and keep track of BOE settlement account and Faster Payment system.


- 5 years' Treasury Back-office experience within Banking
- 5 years' Payments experience including vast experience of MT103, 202, 199, 195, 299, 295, 999
- Knowledge and experience of settlement systems and services.
- Knowledge and experience with Bank Operational Processes
- Good knowledge of Banknotes and MM/FX transactions.
- A strong understanding of accounting concepts and principles
- Excellent communication skills and providing high levels of customer service
- Experience in excel
- Strong attention to detail, time management and problem-solving skills
- Effective stakeholder management skills
- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Customer focused
- Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment
- 5 year' Customer Services experience with Payments, Current Account services, fixed term deposits and Loans administration
- Knowledge and experience of payment systems and services, in particular Faster Payments & CHAPS
- Strong SWIFT payment knowledge and experience with SEPA and other STP payments
- Good knowledge of FX transactions/multi-currency account operations
- A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience in a regulated Financial Institution.

Interested Candidates should apply now and all application will receive feedback.