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Investment Manager - Client manager - City, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1


It's time to stop banging your head on the glass ceiling

You're qualified. You know how to run discretionary portfolios. And you know you have what it takes to spend your time dealing with clients. Not just dealing.

Here you'll be supporting a director, assisting them with managing a sizeable book. You'll spend most of your time advising and building relationships with clients. And in time you'll get your own clients to manage too.

The glass ceiling you are currently experiencing won't be there. You'll be on the path you've wanted since you were first intrigued by the news talking about the FTSE100 index. You'll be on your way to being an investment manager with your own portfolio.

You will be at least Level 4 qualified. You'll have discretionary investment management experience. You'll be on the way to being Level 7 and if not, you will get the support to do so.

So stop banging your head and click apply. Send us a CV or contact details and we will be in touch.